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Our vision is to turn your message
into an experience. It is our mission to tickle
your brand’s personality to boost brand
experience. We bring in a fresh perspective
and challenge the status quo. Ready for
your tickle?


.4 reasons NOT to work with us



if you believe marketing is a waste of money



if you don’t commit to vision AND execution



if you don’t agree to disagree to move forward



if you believe in change, but don’t change a thing



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our set-up

content that inspires .works is an entrepreneurial cell and currently a solo venture that collaborates with various SMEs and independent design, marketing, and communication specialists. Who we work with depends on project requirements. Every project is different, and so is our team set-up. Creative, entrepreneurial, and agile.

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user experience (UX) design

The “content first approach” claims that (digital) products first require text that is then turned into content experience. Designers, copywriters, developers, and strategists collaborate cross-discipline and identify problems and opportunities to create (digital) products that come with an experience, i.e. a company website or company presentation. We are passionate about creating products with human interfaces that inspire with consistent brand experiences.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeff Zeldman, 2008



Verena-Elisabeth Huber

„I am an entrepreneurial spirit, with a sharp tongue, a quick mind, bold ideas and many questions. I believe and trust in the merits of technology and value the human capacity to frame ideas that connect.“


.SMEs in tech and science

Our Clients

Our clients are SMEs in tech and science. They are dynamic entrepreneurial cells that anticipate and adapt to market requirements quickly. They value the merits of strong brands, but frequently lack the time and expertise to delve into it. We match their technical expertise with our drive and vision in brand experience.

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Dr. Stephan Unger

Director, Space Weather Risk Management

We are a FinTech Start-Up offering Space Weather hedging solutions for insurances. content that inspires .works helped us to elaborate our corporate identity as well as company mission and vision statements. Their unique skill in rephrasing our very scientific product description into an easily comprehensible sales pitch (long and short version) has helped us tremendously. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to develop and refine our basic design language. We were impressed by their fast and efficient way of converting complex science into PR and sales material. We also greatly enjoyed the collaboration on a personal level due to their friendly but professional team. I can only recommend content that inspires .works as they are bursting with ideas and energy. Thanks a lot for the great help and keep up the good work.

Katherina Rucker, MA

CEO, Rucker Content Marketing

Verena is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. She bubbles over with energy and ideas, and has a strong desire to translate every good plan into immediate action. She brings the best out of one’s vision – by questioning the given and going beyond the obvious. We enjoy constructive discussions with Verena because it challenges us as a team as well as entrepreneurs, thereby improving our strategies and tactics down to the smallest detail. Her passion for strategic design thinking and deep understanding of brand experience management are great values for our team that we would not want to miss.

Dr. Martina Diekmann

VP Global Marketing, Bachem AG

It is a special gift with which Ms. Huber brings her passion for branding to projects without ever losing sight of the needs of relevant stakeholders. I was particularly impressed with her ability to create enticing contents. Her tenacity and attention to detail serve her well-flowing investigative writing style. Ms. Huber’s endearing nature benefits her greatly in attracting people’s curiosity and inspiring them to learn more about a brand.

Bianca Baumgartner, BA

Marketing & Sales Assistent, JP Marketing GmbH

Verena possesses an excellent feeling for people and handles coaching empathetically and individually. Discussing my initial professional situation, I was revived by her perspective that offered a lot of clarity, allowed me to voice my desires and to take actions accordingly. I am grateful for the support and assistance and highly recommend her one-to-one clarity coachings.

Silvia Kammerer, MA

Compliance & Training Specialist, CEO, Ruby Ruby GmbH

When I approached Verena first with my idea to start my own company, she was enthusiastic and overflowing with creative ideas! She was guiding me through the whole process from benchmarking, finding my positioning and brand name, developing a brand identity to creating the voice and tone of the brand. During the entire time, her support and project management were tremendously helpful. Not only did I feel supported all the way, but I knew I had someone in my corner watching out in my interest. And that is precious! Verena is highly talented and loves what she does. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and professional attitude are impressive. She over-delivers on her promises and works with people in a project team that are equally professional and committed. The results of her work have exceeded my expectations by far. Without her, I would not be in the place I am right now. I can 100% recommend working with Verena and will undoubtedly continue working with her in the future.

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