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Every brand interaction is an experience. It triggers feelings and shapes our perception. We celebrate brand behavior and voice & tone driven by values. After all, your brand is more than a logo.


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brand experience agency

We are a brand experience agency for SMEs in tech and science and turn content into brand experience. We help SMEs go beyond their logo and specialize in person to person brand interaction. We work location-independent, with our home base in Basel, Switzerland. We disconnect to connect with our clients personally. Together, we decide on the pace and needs of our collaboration and how to blend online with personal interaction.

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Our clients are SMEs in tech and science. They go beyond frontiers and are bold in their vision and execution. We go for hands-on brand experience projects with SMEs that dare to push the envelop. We match your technical expertise with our drive and vision in brand experience. After all, our desire is to inspire.

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Our Motivation – or why we get out of bed in the morning

We thrive on breaking down your sophisticated mission into an inspiring and clear message, and actions that create brand experience. We shape the context for you. Taking care of the touch and feel of your brand is our passion.

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On our blog we write about our projects and how we see the world. Brand experience is about framing context. So you will find examples that showcase our projects and our approach to brand experience.

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[PODCAST] how to be pragmatic about Voice?

Nov 19, 2020

To succeed in Voice, you need to do your homework. Everything else is a waste of your time and resources. First off, ask yourself: “Why do I want to work with Voice”? Using Voice is about being intentional. It is about starting small, staying focused, and achieving an impact.

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[SHOWCASE] symbiotische co-kreation: neues entsteht

Sep 01, 2020

Seit einigen Jahren begleite ich Menschen in der Veränderung. Es dauerte ein wenig, bis ich erkannt habe: Verena, zu begleiten ist eine Kernkompetenz von dir. Und noch wichtiger: Ich kann diese in Leichtigkeit und Freude für mich und andere nutzen. Es ist meine Passion.

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