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how do we get started?

Want to work with me? Great! First, fill in the inquiry form online. This will give me some basic info about your business and what you’re looking for. Second, hop on the meeting calendar and schedule a free 30-minute meeting. We will connect via video conferencing to get to know each other to learn about the details of your project.

Should we both agree we are a good fit, I will send you a formal proposal and the terms of conditions. Once the project is signed off, and down payment was made, your project is locked in my calendar, and we are good to go!

how soon should I get in touch?

It’s never too soon to inquire! I would love to be able to accommodate you, especially when we are a good fit and can’t wait to get your project rolling. I work project-based and this means that my calendar can book up fast. I recommend getting the ball rolling two months + in advance. If you don’t have two months to spare, that’s okay! I encourage you to inquire anyways and I will see if and how I can accommodate you. So drop me a line. I am just an email away!

how can we collaborate long-term?

This type of collaboration is for you if you have ongoing activities and/or scheduled projects that demand a regular time commitment from me.  While I charge a 50% down-payment for one-off projects, we apply a retainer model for our regular customers. Depending on the yearly work-load, I include you in my planning and spread out payments evenly throughout the year, billing you on a monthly basis.

More questions on this type of collaboration? Get in touch with me via the contact form below or schedule a 30. min call.

going steady: what retainer models do you offer?

Start smart retainers allow you to budget a number of hours per year that are used flexibly on an as-needed basis. To regular customers, I offer priority service according to my availability.

Want to keep your momentum with regular activities? Then I suggest opting for relax smile retainers. I offer fixed and exclusive time in my calendar to ensure the progress of your project. Deluxe service with no wait time because your time allotment is booked in my calendar.

Starting out and not sure yet where the path will lead? The flex plus retainer works best for projects with an unclear scope or variables, so we have the flexibility to adapt along the way. We recommend flex plus retainers for 2 to 3 month long projects to find clarity without overextending commitment and resources.

is there a payment plan?

For projects valuing CHF 3’000 plus: Once you’ve signed off on the proposal, you’ll put down a 50% deposit payment to reserve your spot in my calendar. The last 50% installment is billed once you’ve signed off the completed project.

Besides, I offer a retainer payment model for regular customers, billing monthly.


how do you manage working with third parties?

As a project-based business, I work with agencies, self-employed and freelance talent. I take care of projects offers, manage the project, and make sure that deadlines, deliverables, and budgets are kept. The only thing that is different is that the project team sends you their invoice directly for their respective service.

what do I need to have organized BEFORE we work together?

Before we get started we ask you to outline your project, the deliverables, the project timeline, and the allocated budget. Clarity on these key elements will help me as a project partner to know and manage your expectations, so we are off to a great start.

HELP! I am new to creating project briefings. can we do this together?

Starting smart can be hard. Successful projects start with a clear briefing. They require you to know what your current situation is, what you want to achieve in which time frame, what stakeholders to involve, and what financial and human resources to allocate.

Getting-off to a clear start requires quite some work. If you are new to managing projects and coming up with project briefs, we are here to help. Let’s do it together. We offer project briefings as a service.

Interested? Connect with me!

where are you located?

I am based in Basel, Switzerland, and I work with clients all over the world. I will connect via video conferencing and accommodate personal meetings upon request. The time zone is CET (Central European Time) but may change depending on the location I am working from.

how does payment work?

All domestic transactions within Switzerland are carried out with the orange payment slip or via credit card. I do not accept transactions in cash. International transactions are made by credit card, making it easy for both parties.

what are your business hours?

My business hours are 02.00 p.m. – 06.00 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Please ensure all meetings take place between those hours or send us an email. I will make sure to find a date and time to connect.

how do I schedule a meeting?

Schedule your meeting on the magic calendar. I work with Calendly, an online scheduling tool. It shows you which meeting slots are available. Simply book a time and date that suits your calendar. Once you have booked your meeting slot, the meeting is confirmed to you via email. Should you wish to change or cancel the meeting, you can click on the link in the confirmation email to do so.

how can I cancel a meeting free of charge?

cancelation policy

It is good to make plans, and then life happens. I get that. It happens to all of us. You can cancel meetings 24 hours in advance free of charge. Meetings canceled less than 24 hours, or no-shows are billed according to our agreed terms and conditions of our collaboration. If you are unable to attend a meeting, I advise you to reschedule or cancel as soon as possible.

what is zoom and how does it work?

Zoom is a video-conferencing tool. Via a link, one or more people can join an online meeting. The meeting can be recorded, upon consent, for training and documentation purposes. Participants can share their screen to discuss work together in a live format. The host makes sure the meetings are safe, and grants access to individuals who want to take part in the conference.

If you are using Zoom for the first time, we recommend to arrive 10 minutes early to the meeting and to get yourself acquainted with the software. Very important: You cannot do anything wrong, like canceling the meeting. Only the host can do so. Should I not see you around 5 minutes after the meeting has started, I will email you the link to the meeting a second time to make sure you have everything you need to join the meeting.

tools and software we use

The collaboration set-up is digital. Find out which tools I use and what working with me feels like.

Scheduling meetings:
No matter if online or personal, meetings are scheduled online via the magic calendar. Once our collaboration has started, I may also set-up our follow-up appointment directly at the end of our session.

We host online meetings via Zoom, a video conferencing tool that allows us to share screens and to record meetings for training or documentation purposes.

Personal meetings:
Face to face meetings either take place at your office or in an agreed meeting space. The setting of our meet-up depends on the nature of our meeting. Let’s discuss which format suits the needs of your project.

Dropbox files:
We host and share documents of our joint project on Dropbox. If you are new to Dropbox, please let us know. We will provide you a short introduction about its functionalities and how you can use it.

Dropbox paper:
It is our entrusted tool for our meeting minutes and project timelines. It allows us to manage our meeting output efficiently. We allocate to-dos with a set deadline to people and make sure that we deliver on it.
Ticking-off the box on your to-do-list is simply a great feeling. And in case you are lagging behind, Dropbox sends you reminders on pending tasks.

Meeting minutes:
There is one golden rule: No meeting without an agenda. It helps us to stay clear on why we meet, and what it is we wish to discuss. It also helps us to get back on topic in case we drift off. We note decisions, information, and allocate to-dos to make sure we move forward with our project.

rights and usage of artwork and copy

I may work with graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, photographers, and others to create content for you.

I ask you to note that documents, concepts, ideas, and proposals remain the intellectual property of the person who created it. You acquire the right of usage and commercial exploitation once you have paid for it.

As an example: You receive three proposals for a logo. You may not use and commercialize these concepts or pass them on to third parties for usage. Once you have paid for the logo or concept of your choice, you are free to use it and exploit it commercially. The other ideas remain the intellectual property of the creator and may be used by them as they see fit.


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