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Clarity and change. Facilitation sessions are the space to find clarity and create your reality. It is a safe space to reign in change for yourself. I facilitate. It may include coaching, consulting, and mentoring. In our conversations, you create for yourself. Let’s make magic sparks fly.


.who I am

My name is Verena Elisabeth Huber. In addition to my passion for marketing and communication, I have been accompanying people for several years in clarifying situations of personal and professional nature. I am currently completing a coaching training at the LIKA Institute in Stili, Switzerland. I facilitate. Coaching, consulting, and counseling is part of my work.


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bianca baumgartner

I was working with Verena when starting my business in the field of online assistance. During this process, she was my coach, supporter, sparring partner, friend, and more. Verena has the special gift of helping to discover one’s individual potential, bringing it to the surface and consequently putting it into reality. She supported me in becoming clear about what I want my business to look like, how to structure it, and finally how to authentically brand it. Verena is a professional marketeer, no doubt! Being holistic in her approach, she also supported me in the personal process of change and was always keen to make sure I felt comfortable with taken decisions, before taking the next steps. I will for sure keep working with her and look very much forward to it. Highly recommendable for anyone considering starting her/his own thing!

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.magic moments

and its special sparkle

When my mind checks-out and my heart sings, this is when I experience wow-moments. They simply exist. There are no big questions about why or how. I simply feel it in every fiber of my being. It is here and I experience it. For me, these are intimate moments of blissful trust in myself. I am and I create from within. Magic Moments to me stands for an experience beyond understanding every little detail from the mind. It is bliss and there is no needing or wanting to demystify its magic. It simply is magic.




.magic content with a spark
Explore the resources and content available here. It may serve as a spark of inspiration for you. It includes videos, vlogs, texts, and I’ll be adding to it continuously. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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conscious breath – how does it work?

Jun 11, 2020

In this short video in German I explain how I apply conscious breathing, in which situations and how I integrate it in my everyday life. I breathe with you 10 times, practice by example. You can use this audio as accompanying support.

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podcast – magic moments to listen in

Jul 04, 2020

I facilitate. My Podcast gives you a glimpse on how I go about facilitation. Listen in. The episodes are in German, to the point, and not longer than 10 minutes. Follow me on Podbean or in social media for updates on newly released episodes.

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das bewusste atmen

Jun 03, 2020

Säuglinge und kleine Kinder tuen es für sich bewusst und nehmen sich über das bewusste Atmen ganzheitlich wahr. Für sie ist es eine Selbstverständlichkeit. Bewusstes Atmen bedeutet ich bin in der Gegenwart, fokussiere mich auf mich und nehme somit wahr, was ich im Moment empfinde, was meine Bedürfnisse sind und wonach mir gerade der Sinn ist.

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