mission & passion

I have appreciation, empathy, and compassion for myself and therefore also for others. Everyone chooses their experiences, consciously, or unconsciously. I accompany people who choose clarity and change for themselves.


.I am

multifaceted and curious in going about life; sensual in experiencing my creations and realities; passionate in what I do and how I express myself, often in loud, heart-felt laughter; multilingual in German, English, and French; insatiable in exploring the world through panoramic hikes, scuba diving, fine foods, and places off the beaten track.


.my «short» story

Deep-diving into the experience. A few years ago, I realized how liberating it is not to judge people, things, or situations and to regard it as an experience. I freed myself and started to do what I enjoy doing. I stepped into a life full of different interests and a lot of joy in learning and trying out new things.

I am a passionate scuba diver, globetrotter, enjoy delicacies, and idyllic hikes with a view. In short: I am a bon vivant.

Born and raised in the mountainous region of the Schladminger Tauern in Austria, I came to Switzerland in 2010 for my master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg. Both my studies and work offered an immersion in languages, which not only I enjoyed but also allowed me to pick-up Swiss-German, and French.

Professionally, I worked in science, technology, and tourism in international and multilingual organizations, meeting all different kinds of people and learning quickly on the job. In 2018 I started my own business and founded a project-based agency for brand experiences called content that inspires .works. To me, it is all about marketing communication from a branding perspective. I care and embrace a consistent brand experience from A to Z, wowing employees, and customers when interacting with a brand.

Facilitating people in finding clarity and acting on their wish to change has inspired me to offer this service now professionally as facilitation sessions. I am currently completing coaching training at LIKA Institute in Stili, Switzerland and I am happy to announce: voilà: here I am.



.my approach

conscious breath

Breath is life. Conscious breath creates a conscious life.


consious speech

The sound of your voice and the choice of your words create and embody. Your choice of words reveals how you feel and your reality.



The «and» is symbolic of my choice. If I believe as a human being that I have no choice, I physically take a step to this side. This is also (my) a choice.



what people say about me

Bianca Baumgartner

I was working with Verena when starting my business in the field of online assistance. During this process, she was my coach, supporter, sparring partner, friend, and more. Verena has the special gift of helping to discover one’s individual potential, bringing it to the surface and consequently putting it into reality. She supported me in becoming clear about what I want my business to look like, how to structure it, and finally how to authentically brand it. Verena is a professional marketeer, no doubt! Being holistic in her approach, she also supported me in the personal process of change and was always keen to make sure I felt comfortable with taken decisions, before taking the next steps. I will for sure keep working with her and look very much forward to it. Highly recommendable for anyone considering starting her/his own thing!

Kristina Kurre

In den letzten beiden Jahren habe ich – auch aus beruflichen Gründen – viele Gespräche mit Verena geführt. Ihre inspirierende, fröhliche und ehrliche Art war mir vom ersten Treffen an sympathisch. Wirklich beeindruckt hat mich aber ihre Fähigkeit im Gespräch so ganz nebenbei die richtigen, für mich entscheidenden Fragen zu stellen. Verena hat ein feines Gespür für Menschen und ihre Befindlichkeiten. Sie stellt Fragen, die man selbst lieber beiseite schiebt. Oft auch weil man vielleicht glaubt, darauf keine Antwort zu haben. Öfter jedoch, weil es einfach bequemer, ist, sich nicht mit der Antwort zu beschäftigen, der sprichwörtlichen Wahrheit ins Gesicht zu schauen. So drehten sich unsere Gespräche oft mit nur einer von ihr gestellten Frage in eine komplett andere Richtung und führten bei mir – auch durch ihre unaufdringliche Beharrlichkeit – zu Momenten der Erkenntnis. Momente in denen sich meine Sicht auf Dinge geändert haben. Aber auch Momente, die mir neue Motivation und Mut gaben. Kurzum habe ich durch die Gespräche mit Verena vor allem eines mitgenommen: Die Fähigkeit, besser auf mich selbst zu hören und mir selbst und meinem Gefühl besser zu vertrauen.

Océane Pichonnaz

Verena was my mentor for 9 months. She is not only passionate about her work but thrives in what she does thanks to her ability to anticipate and her dedication to detail. Verena is a cheerful person and shares and communicates also in that manner. Her creativity works magic in finding the right words and approach to make work flourish. My recommendation? Let yourself be inspired!