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If your logo didn’t appear with your content, could your audience identify the content as coming from your brand? A consistent brand voice and vocabulary makes you recognizable and positions you as an expert source in your area.


.brand voice

finding your voice and tone

While you have the same voice as a brand, you adapt your tone according to the situation and communication channel, i.e. newsletter or social media. Terms specific to your industry and you brand create consistency and reference when communicating internally with your employees or externally with customers, and stakeholders. They create your distinctive language, terminology, and style known as brand voice.


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style guide

A style guide helps content creators and editors across geographies to create a brand voice that is consistent in voice, tone and messaging. It is a documentation that includes principles of writing and contains specific instructions on grammar, style, word choice, and terminology. Take a look at the style guide at Mailchimp and find out how it helps their employees to speak in a unique and distinctively clear brand voice across different channels.


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.voice and tone translation audit

one voice across languages

We cross check your copy across languages for consistency in voice and tone. So we make sure the way you speak to your customers is consistent in German and English and that your distinctive brand keywords claim your brand’s identity in both languages.


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.brand voice on SoMe

consistent brand voice

Your business objectives and branding ideally align with your content on social media. We highly recommend contents that are in line with your brand and that feed into your overall business objectives. We concept messaging strategies that are used by social media growth hackers to gain online traction.


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this is us: in style, on brand, in our voice

company brochure

Digital and print – this is what we did for our very own company brochure. We made sure that our brand values bold, vibrant, and personal stand out. So we went in bold in our double page cover and brand statement. The personal comes in with the one-page photo cover that provides a face to relate and to follow-up with: Verena Huber, our chief experience officer. And the vibrant comes through in the color gradient and the gutsy, honest and clear tone of voice. This is us: content that inspires works. – brand experience agency for SMEs. Sounds good? Let’s tickle your brand personality and see how you want to tell your story.

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