.brand strategy
It defines the values your brand stands for, the personality it conveys, and its promise. It represents the essence of your  brand – its identity – and comes BEFORE choosing a name or designing a logo.




strengthen strengths to stand out

Let’s get a foothold of your market positioning and find out what makes you stand out. Together, we determine your strengths, ambitions, and passions and define the niche you wish to pursue. Once we are clear on the positioning of your company or your product, we can go ahead and brand it accordingly. Brand consistency differentiates you in the marketplace and attracts and retains customers.


claim your position


.name it to claim it!

name concepts that tell your story

We develop name and claim concepts that reflect your business, thus brand personality, and identity. A name is your first chance to create awareness for what you do and your vision as such. It is also your first step in branding your business or product around which its visual identity and further brand layers are attached. Brand names and claims set the direction and frequently implicitly resonate brand values as they reflect a distinctive perspective. So let’s name it to claim it!


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.brand values

shaping brand personality

Your values stand for your business philosophy. They capture what you believe in – your personal “why”, your vision and how you go about business. They present the foundation on which the look, the voice, and tone, as well as the behavior, is built. Brand personality (case study) compares to human personality. It is a set of unique characteristics, visual, verbal and behavioral that defines your identity.


We help you discover your brand values and make them come alive by shaping voice & tone and the behavior of your brand. It is the space between the lines no one talks about but still speaks volumes and shapes context. Plus we are also there to see it evolve. Just like human beings, brands grow up and adapt to their (business) environment.


brand audit

Brands are living entities with a life cycle. In short: they rise, plateau and decline. Brand audits are brand health checks that ensure that you keep your brand relevant. They look at brand image and voice, demographics of your customers, the mission and strategic objectives of your business. Time for an update? We are happy to step in.


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