.brand touchpoints
Brand experience is about turning values and key visuals into brand touchpoints that are an experience.  It is the touch and feel of brands that connects.



event brand audits

Branding thrives on consistency and events are prime moments to step into the spotlight. It is the opportunity to create meaningful connections and the moment when customers confirm and update their brand perception based on tangible realities. In brand audits we address brand perception and provide recommendations.


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.60 second video clips

Stories and images that move

Smartphones enable the production of smart movies: success stories, interviews, product launches. It is not about cinema quality but good enough professional quality videos for social media to add to your online content mix. Are you ready to tell your story in 60 seconds? We are!



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brand music

It is just a couple of tunes and yet they convey a story. Music is an element that appeals to our senses. It is a vital part in brand experience. Here you find brands that made music part of their brand DNA. Have a listen to our brand music: sound DNA (core tune) and full track.


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trade shows – showcase your brand

Trade shows are your chance to shine and to build human connection. Creating an experience for your customers requires creativity, organization and thorough exectution. So we help you to plan ahead and to connect with your customers, creating a trade show experience they remember.


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.from plea note to keynote

the stage is yours

Imagine: You step up on a stage in front of 500 people to give a to the point 15-minute presentation on your company’s recent product launch. This is a fantastic opportunity for you personally as well as excellent brand exposure!

And there are many things to prep: find your story line, prepare a prsentation deck, check for consistent branding, pick your outfit, stay within time limits and make sure technology does not leave you high and dry. Wana get a headstart? Here are some tips on writing a killer keynote speech.


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