[VOICE] why voice is not just a fad

Nov 13, 2020

💻 No one will ever buy anything on the Internet. 📱 No one will ever buy anything on a smartphone. 👫No one will ever buy anything off of social media. 🗣 No one will ever buy anything with Voice

I rest my case.

Voice is not just a fad

It is here. Consumer adoption of voice devices grows. It is no longer innovators and early adopters. It has reached the early majority and passed the critical 30% marker of technology adoption.

It may take some more time to enjoy it with all its perks, but just as with mobile banking on smartphones, it will ripen and become a part of daily life, convenience, and shopping experience.

Voice search

With an increasing number of voice devices moving into our homes, voice search goes up too. It is no longer just relevant to be ranked and indexed on Google or other search engines, but also to be listed for voice searches.

I am thrilled to be diving into Voice, to get the first projects started in 2021, and to join the global Voice community as well as Women in Voice.

a Voice must-read

Voice Strategy: Creating Useful & Usable Voice Experiences” by Susan and Scot Westwater is to me fundamental literature for anyone interested to get a grip on what Voice technology is all about and the potential it comes with. As a Voice novice myself I appreciated you clear and cut to the chase writing style that made pages just fly by and left me hungry for more. Thank you, for making Voice accessible. With this book, you indeed help break ground for Voice and its merits yet to be experienced.

Find Voice Strategy on Amazon.